Welcome to Southern Oregon Grapevine

Southern Oregon Grapevine is a community driven and operated news service.  With the death of newspapers throughout the country and in our own community, a huge gap has been left. Sure, T.V. news can give us one minute sound bites. Sure, there are out-of-the-area papers, social media and websites that will come to town. We believe the community can fill it’s own news needs with journalistic integrity.

“What needs” you ask?

But there is nothing locally that meets the news needs of Southern Oregonians.  Where will we get high school and college sports news?

Parents, coaches, administrators and other fans of school sports are left with a void for timely scores, recaps, photos and videos.  Sports articles were once a college sports resume-builder, a momentum, and a way that families could share their student’s successes with family.

Where will we publish our editorials on local subjects?

Serious community discussions happen in the newspaper editorial sections of the past.  Getting your opinion in front of the masses and giving a vote of confidence to your favorite candidate are not the same as just posting on social media.

Where will we get local obituaries?

Families, friends and the community need to hear about the lives of those that leave us.  Memorializing the lives of people in our community is important.

Where will we find a schedule of local events?

The Tempo is gone, but the events are not.

Where will we learn about arrests in Southern Oregon?

Crime and public safety information provides residents knowledge to protect themselves.

News about sports, obituaries, public safety, government, editorials, events, and more are still needed in Southern Oregon!

What is different about this news publishing effort than others online?

It really comes down to a vision and the question “What if?”  This is the information age, where local people are well connected to publishing technology.  Anyone can now write an article and take pictures or video.  That technology converging with the public’s new understanding that extreme biases exist within most news sources brought us to one conclusion:  THE LOCAL PEOPLE SHOULD REPORT THE NEWS.  Amateur journalists, students looking for experience or resume builders, retired people interested in a hobby and other local people could become the news of the future!  Sound interesting?  Use the form on this page to apply to participate.

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