The ‘Homeless Industry, ‘Camping Facilitators’, and ‘woke’ politicians on the Medford City Council, continually cite the 9th Circuit Court ruling on our bum/camper crisis as an excuse why our City resources are not allowed to enforce existing Municipal Codes and laws, (i.e., codes against urinating in public, defecating on streets and sidewalks, open drug use/violations and other similar anti-social acts). The Martin case was settled long ago and there is no prohibition on MPD from enforcing existing laws and code violations. Even the ‘camping’ ordinances can be enforced because of the number of shelter spaces available in the Valley.
The problem in Medford, is that the Council, Mayor, MPD and the City Attorney are ‘hiding under the bed’, afraid of a lawsuit. The anti-camping ordinance can be enforced, along with other ordinances prohibiting offensive behavior and still be in compliance with the Circuit ruling, because of the large number of available beds. It’s just that the ‘homeless industry’ has blackmailed the City with threats of a lawsuit.
A parallel excuse cited by the ‘experts, is the JAIL issue. It is a shame (yet a reflection on our local society) that we do need a larger jail. BUT…do we need a $ickler ‘Taj Mahal’? another taxpayer funded Municipal Monument, with the attendent cost over-runs, prevailing wage excesses, maintenance issues, added Deputies, etc.? NOPE. What we need is a medium security facility. We do not need another Pelican Bay. We simply need a spot to park the detritus from the Greenway crowd, , other anti-social offenders, FTA offenders, etc., until they get right. There are dozens of large commercial buildings that could be converted to interim JAIL space, complete with remote or on-site Courtrooms, etc. All, for a lot less tax $’s than $ickler wants . JAIL should be PUNISHMENT, not a resort facility! (#ArpaioStyle)
As for the ‘Livability Team’, that is simply a wasted exercise that makes the “Homeless Industry’ feel good and a resume padding venue for Lt. Kirkpatrick to make Deputy Chief. Taxpayer revenue should not be wasting LE resources on cleaning up plastic human waste and needles from the Greenway. Period.
And, for those of you who would deny the existence of a ‘Homeless Industry’ take note. A veritable ‘cottage industry’ has been created out of this mess, with a race to see who will be the first to feed at the public trough. One only needs to do a deep dive into the motives and actions of politicians on every level of local, county and State government. The so called ‘housing crisis’ has given them a convenient forum to push their ultimate agenda of control and income redistribution.
As for most of the executive leadership of various CBOs and charitable organizations, some of whom are pulling down six figure salaries while mingling with the politicians at cocktail parties and other self-serving events, look at the balance sheets and see how much of the grant money private and corporate contributions and taxpayer funds, filters down to the folks who actually need the help.
It is long overdue for City officials to show some leadership and courage in dealing with this blight on our community. While Council dithers, wrings its hands, and clutches its collective pearls, a young mother and her children are unable to be safe in our parks and public spaces….a sad state of affairs………… #WhoStandsForUs


Ted Krempa


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