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A local resource for Southern Oregon Opinions, Letters and Editorials from Medford, Ashland, Grants pass and beyond.

Southern Oregon Opinions through the Grapevine was designed to fill the “letters to the editor” role of the historic news paper industry.  Probably not what Marvin Gaye meant when he wrote the song, but in this case, you heard it through the Grapevine – Southern Oregon’s news and information source.  Read the opinions, letters and editorials from Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass and the surrounding area knowing that the do not necessarily reflect opinions of the editors of Southern Oregon Grapevine.  Read existing, accepted submissions on the Opinions heard through the Grapevine page or use the form on this page to submit yours, after reading our submission approval policies below.

A submissions being approved depends on:


  • Maximum of 1000 words per submission
  • One submission per person, per calendar month.
  • Submitted image must be yours or you guarantee you have the rights or permission to use.
  • Minimum Image Size is 800px wide by 400px tall.
  • Maximum image size is 2000px wide by 1000px tall.
  • Horizontal/Landscape images work best.  Vertical/Portrait image are allowed but a bit wonky.
  • We cannot edit/replace your post or make photo replacements/adjustments once submitted
  • By participating, you agree to accept the standards and decisions of the administrators/editors, and that article becomes the property of this website/entity/operators, once submitted.

Tips for better opinion posts:

  • Type your Opinion in an email, word doc, or Google doc to check spelling and grammar.
  • Copy and paste the body of your Opinion into the post content form field.
  • Double check your candor to make sure it is what you really want the community to read in association with your good name.

Requirements & Policies

Reasonably readable grammar and spelling:  The public wants to read submissions that have been proofed well by the author.  We won’t generally edit your submission, but rather decline it without notice (volunteer time is limited).

NO anonymous submissions:  Your name and City will be published with your submission.  Your email address will not be published, but we may use it to follow up with you.

NO Incitement and vulgarity:  Strong opinions are welcome, but you’ll need to express yours without expletives / cussing here.  We also can’t let contributors incite riot.

NO Business bashing or advertising:  We will have other ways for businesses to advertise, but the opinion section is reserved for traditional letter-to-the-editor style subjects.  If you are writing as the owner of a business, you can include that.  Likewise, this is not the place to air your grievance with a local business.  Letters about large corporations could be accepted: depending on what the subject is: broad coverage of a large corporation is better than a personal incidence.

NO slander, personal attacks, and the editors have final authority to accept a submission:  Don’t write an article doxxing your neighbor or ex-spouse.  We WANT you to have your opinion published.  We won’t decline it for political or popularity reasons.  We are even giving more words than most news papers do.  Please don’t use your allotted space for slander, unsubstantiated claims or to spread expired or false information.  We reserve the right to check certain details that could create legal problems for us and/or you.  We LOVE the first amendment, but this is a private operation, not a government operation.  We are not in suppressing anyone’s ability to communicate their opinions, but give the community a platform to get them published!

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