Donald J, Pet of the Week!

Donald J is a 6 month old purebred pug owned by Amy & Jason Williams. His actual name is “Donald Jason Williams.” He loves everyone he meets, and is sweet, but rambunctious. He also loves his walks and naps.  Donald J loves America and watches TV with Amy & Jason.  He loves his blueberries and carrots, playtime, and bugging his big sister Alice.  He’s a puppy so he does get into trouble on occasion, and chews everything LOL.  He plays with his stuffed toys, tennis balls, nylabones, and constantly tries to chew Amy’s slippers.

Congratulation Williams Family & Donald J the Pug!


Here are the rest of the top 3!

2nd:  Jaclyn Marie with “Riding Cow”

3rd: Rita Cimfl with “Chill Dog”


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