Volunteer Community Reporters Needed

Southern Oregon area residents are encouraged to apply!

Are you an aspiring or experienced reporter?  Could reporting be your next gig?

Southern Oregon Grapevine is the premier, up-and-coming community news source in Jackson County and beyond. The premise of this effort is “Community-Driven News.”   With out of the area news covered, and the local papers going out of business, we believe the community is best served to deliver it’s own news.  We are looking for Volunteer Community Reporters to write articles for several news categories. 


 What’s in it for you?

  • Aspiring journalists of any age can hone their skills.
  • Experienced journalists gain another avenue reach the public through widely distributed local publish.
  • Adults reporters will receive a letter of reference, if requested after 12 articles. 
  • Student reporters will receive a letter of reference signed by two local community leaders after at least 12 articles. That can be used as college or career resume-building opportunity for a journalism, multi-media and more.  Reporters will be hand-selected from applications by the editors.  Referencing published articles can be valuable for scholarships and careers.
  • Community members with writing skills would be serving their community’s news interests, giving back and noticed by our local viewers as a contribute to the project.