Students, Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Administrators:  Welcome to the Southern Oregon Grapevine Youth Reporter Program (YRP)

Southern Oregon Grapevine’s Youth Reporter Program (YRP) is designed to give students access to experience and opportunities to earn recognition and complete community service hours, while providing value to their community.  Additional benefits include a certificate program and recognition article, rewarding students who follow through with their community reporting journey.  If you are a school administrator, teacher, parent or student, please read on to learn more about the program.  If you are an adult interested in reporting, please see our volunteer reporter page.

Are you a Superintendent, Principal, Teacher or Coach?

You can help kids that you think would enjoy and benefit from this program by sharing it with them.  If you are in a position to explore offering course credit for journalism, online media, English or writing for completion of this program, or have questions about it’s implementation, email the Editors.

Are you a Student or Parent?

Look over the program requirements and information on this page.  Your student may apply using the form found below.


  1. You have an interest in gaining experience writing articles, publishing online, pursuing accomplishments and receiving recognition that can be included with college or job applications.
  2. You are a high school-aged student at a Southern Oregon school, public, private or home-schooled.  If you are an adult wishing to report, please see our volunteer reporter program.
  3. You are a “self-starter” that can take initiative with creativity and follow-through.
  4. You have time to participate:  This should not interfere with grades, sports, family life or time with friends.  You must be able to balance priorities to apply.
  5. Your parent(s) are willing to give approval for your participation (through a web form that requires contact information).
  6. You have access to a working computer (at school is fine), and are willing to submit your articles through our online interface.  Each article requires one or more photos, easily taken with your phone.
  7. You are interested in learning simple, popular software used to publish articles to websites throughout the world and the local news & media provider you will be reporting for.  This is modern, valid, real-world technical experience crucial for those seeking a future online media career.
  8. You have an interest in writing articles with honesty, decorum, and journalistic integrity, in one or more of the following categories:
    • Sports Game Reporting
    • Major School News
    • Community Interest Articles
  9. You can commit to covering a team or submitting one to two articles per week, in other subjects, if not sports-related.
  10. You can even do it just for fun! We do ask that you commit to a minimum of 10 articles if you are accepted to the program.  Read the “Level-Up” section below to learn how to maximize the benefits you receive as a student.
  11. You must complete a short, online application and that is acknowledgement that this is an online program, with email contact with the editors.


All students writing 10 articles will receive a PDF letter of participation.  Students receive maximum benefit by writing 25 articles (25 hours of community service, at 1 hour per article with photo). You will receive a certificate that proves you completed the program, with signatures from County Commissioner Rick Dyer, Editor and Ryan Mallory, Editor of Southern Oregon Grapevine & Scanner Group.  You will also have a short article written and published about your accomplishment.  It will be listed on a page where your completion of the full program can be verified by colleges, employers and schools.